Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This week’s Weekly Style Lust is definitely in the luxe category. There’s something about these jewels that is just mesmerizing.   

About House of Emmanuele
Houseof Emmanuele was created in 2003 by designer Emmanuele Tsakiris.
After obtaining a degree in Information Technology and Public Relations, Emmanuele entered the world of fashion by fate and unveiled his creative passion through glorious jewelry.

While attending University Emmanuele worked for Chanel as well as working in Public Relations for one of Australia’s largest Department Stores. His flair for computers started morphing into oversized pearls and crystal jewelry during his time at Chanel, and after a life changing event it furthered the metamorphosis. 

Emmanuele’s mother Evdokia passed away in 2002 and at 25 years he found an ethereal muse who seemed to guide his path and inspire his designs into what they are today. Having had no formal training in jewelry his style is quite raw, regal, overstated and limitless. More is more and bigger is better and hence his love affair with Swarovski began!

For more background on Emmanuele & H.O.E. click here.

The Lust…
I came across this picture on Instagram by @sydneyfashionblogger
Image from Instagram @sydneyfashionblogger

First of all, let’s just say I hate her because her body is sick and her style is crazy. #ThatIsAll lol. But anywho…. Finding her page though led me to House of Emmanuele and just looking at the pieces I know they would be pretty expensive but considering the quality of the merchandise it seems completely justified. After perusing the site it looks like the prices range from as low as about $200 and goes up to about $2,000. But when your pieces look like this (see below)…hey I’ll just add it to my running list of lusts.

Image from

Image from

Image from

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This year is so bittersweet for me. I’ve spent the entire summer home with my kiddies and couldn’t wait to enroll my son in preschool this coming school year. It almost didn’t happen because of his birthday (it’s four days past the cut-off date for admission). BUT, luckily his school accepted him and I am really excited for him to go and start school. This does however mean that MY BABY IS STARTING PRESCHOOL!!! With this excitement comes some reservations as well: Will he be nice to the other students? Will the other students be nice to him? Will he pay attention in class? Are just a few. And then of course this means I need to go school shopping for the little guy. Here are a few of the things I’ve come across to help send your Preschooler off to school this year…

1.      Superman Backpack and Lunch Kit Combo, $48 (

3.      Jersey Lined Original Fit Jeans, $35 (

4.      Fashion Composition Notebooks, $1 (

5.      Pig Shaped Desk Vacuum, $17 (

6.      Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils, $6 (

8.      Lotty Dotty White Spring Kit, $32 (

9.      Nude Rose Skinny Jeans, $22 (

10. Slim Snack – 4 pk, $14 (

11. Nap Mat Carrier, $30 (

13. Yoobi Liquid School Glue, $2 (

14. Dentek Looney Tunes Toothbrush & Toothpaste, (mass market retailers)

16. Cute Animal Pencil Sharpeners 24ct, $11 (

Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Scoop
For this week’s #ManiMonday post I’m wearing a brand that has been newly introduced to the U.S. called, INNI. What is truly unique about these nail wraps is that YOU create your own designs; they are completely customizable. If you aren’t the most creative when it comes to things like this, no sweat, you can simply choose from their catalog of customizable nail wraps already created by others on their website. 

About INNI Nail Wraps
These wraps are like gel polish but better because they last up to 14 days without chipping or peeling even in water or hot temperatures. The wraps are created from an extremely durable and flexible vinyl which allows you to stretch the wraps to cover the entire nail surface for a flawless wrinkle-free manicure. To remove the wraps simply peel off – no polish remover necessary.(from Inni)

I think these nail wraps have quickly become my favorite nail wrap brand which is tough because I’ve been such a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects since they released about three years ago. There are several factors that come into play for me saying this:

     1.      Because these nail wraps are not made of real nail polish but the durable vinyl as explained above it gives you room for error. For instance, on my right index finger I just couldn’t get it lined up right for the life of me. I was able to remove the wrap several times and reapply it without breaking or ripping the wrap like I had done with my Salon Effects nail wrap last week.
     2.      Each set comes with 30 wraps in 12 sizes which means it will fit an array of nail sizes. You guys know I talk about how large my nail beds are all the time but this set I found, was the closest to covering my full nail beds. I still have space on the sides of some of my nails (thumb, middle, and ring) but not nearly as much as the typical nail wrap sets.
     3.      In addition to being able to upload any image you want or to create your own design from scratch, because so many users have already created a ton of designs you can simply go through the latest created designs and find one that you like if you don’t want to create your own.
     4.      The last thing that I love about these is the price. For $9.90 you get the 30 wraps AND free shipping. And if you love switching up your nail designs often you will definitely want to become a subscriber and receive 3 nail wrap sets per month for $19.90 (that’s buy two get one free!).

One thing that I think the brand should offer which it currently doesn’t is the ability to have one nail wrap set with a different design for each finger (so think one set with five different designs). Hopefully they will come up with that in the future.
The Look
When I received the nail wraps set it simply looked like a design that was printed on paper. It reminded me of what a picture looks like when you print your pictures at a Kodak kiosk. BUT, don’t be discouraged because after I applied the nail wraps to my nails the design really popped. One issue that does come up when you are dealing with nail wraps that are not made of real nail polish is the “bubbling” effect. This mostly occurs around the edges of the nails. With these I still had a little bubbling but not as much as I have had with other nail wrap brands. To avoid this bubbling try stretching the nail wrap as much as you to ensure it’s covering the nail properly and then when you are filing away the excess be sure to file DOWN and not side to side. 

  Check out some of the designs I've added to my favorites...