Monday, September 8, 2014


The Scoop

So a little while back some of you might remember I shared the news about one of M.A.C.’s upcoming new collections which was the Simpsons collection or what I like to call, “Marge 4 M.A.C.”. Back then when I was writing the post two months seemed so far away before I would be able to get my hands on the collection but here we are – I made it to the September 4th launch in one piece (lol). So, it just so happened that the launch was scheduled on my son’s third birthday so while we were out at the mall doing some school shopping I took a slight detour the M.A.C. store here in the Christiana Mall. 

I was surprised that when I went I wasn’t immediately bombarded with Simpsons marketing propaganda. Instead, the collection was set off to the side on one little display. For all of the buzz that surrounded this collection I was just expecting more of a fuss around the in-store launches; but I digress. The display housed four lip glosses, two eye shadow palettes, one blush, and one nail sticker set. 

Because of my weekly #ManiMondays I of course wanted to grab the nail stickers. I debated a little while between the purple shaded lip gloss called, “Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy” and the blush in ‘Pink Sprinkles’ but finally decided to go with the blush. 

About The Simpsons Nail Stickers

As soon as I took the stickers out of the package I was immediately reminded of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects stickers – they must be made by the same manufacturer. One important note here about these stickers is that they are nail polish strips and not vinyl nail stickers. After going back and forth between the polish strips and the vinyl stickers I would definitely have to pick the polish strips every time.

These stickers applied easily and the sizes were perfect for my large nail beds. Some things I think could have been changed or added to these nail stickers include:
1. Feature some strips with Marge’s hair in blue instead of the entire nail strip being yellow
2. Featured different color sticker sets – possibly in the colors of the lip glosses

Overall, I definitely am a fan of these nail stickers. I think the shade of yellow is one that will be flattering on all skin tones and the size of the stickers is a plus in my book. I hope M.A.C. decides to launch a line of nail stickers outside of just a collaboration collection. The stickers retail for $16.50 and are available online and in stores.

The Look

Monday, September 1, 2014


(9.8.14 update) And just when you thought the giveaway couldn't get any better, the amazing people of sugar have sponsored more items to include in this giveaway taking the total value from $312 to . Here are the other products being included in the giveway:
- 1, 7 piece eyeshadow stick collection - $15 value 
- 1 sugar Stackable Makeup Wand (night) -  $12 value
- 3 Lash Sprinkles Glitter Mascara - $30 value
- 1 sugar Roll-on Loose Eye Shimmer - $10 value
- 1 sugar I Dream of Sugar All Over Face Makeup Palette - $22 value
- 1 sugar Streak Hair Chalk - ?? value
- 1 sugar Super Plush Fiver Mascara - $14 value
- 2 sugar 5 Well Eye Shadow palettes - $20 value

New Giveaway Value $435

Remember these products? They should look very familiar as they are all I’ve been talking about for the month of August; Back to School Must-Haves. Throughout the month of August I compiled different Back to School essentials from preschools all the way up to college students and now I want to give one of you the chance to win some of the items I mentioned in those stories. 

Here’s what you can win in the giveaway:
- 1 Click-eez Bracelet Set - $10 value
- 1 Yoobi 3pk notebooks - $8 value
- 1 Erin Condren Life Planner - $50 value
- 1 Masterlock Portable Safe - $16 value
- 1 Wet Brush - $7 value
- 1 Layrite Hair Pomade - $15 value
- 1 Yoobi 2pk eraser set - $2 value
- 1 Masterlock Lock - $7 value
- 1 Whoozizit iPhone Set - $13 value
- 1 Biore Ice Cleanser - $7 value
- 1 sugar Stackable Makeup Wand (day) - $12 value

How to Enter:
This month’s giveaway will be held exclusively on the blog and to be entered into the giveaway simply leave a comment below answering this question(s): “Who are you sending back to school?”

The giveaway will run from Tuesday September 2nd to Tuesday September 16th open to US residents only.

Please be advised that some of these items have been sponsored by the company and some items I have purchased myself. 


The Scoop
Happy Labor Day everyone! This week I'm showing a little U.S.A pride for this week’s #ManiMonday. And, just a slight update on last week’s #ManiMonday post – I took the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat off yesterday and it did require a little elbow work to fully remove the “fuzz”. I definitely had to use more polish remover pads than I normally would. This week I used more Sally Hansen products the first is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear ($10, nail color in “White Out” and covered it with the Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Textured Nail Color ($3,  in “Red,White, & Hue”. The color Color Frenzy line has been flying off the shelves; Amazon even says there’s only one left in stock. 

About Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat
The Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Collection is a line of nail polishes featuring 8 unique splatter effect multi-dimensional glitters. In looking at the bottle you get the impression that there will be this explosion of glitter on your nails when it’s applied however I did not feel that was the case (and you’ll see what I mean in the pictures below). So needless to say I was a little disappointed in the amount of glitter that was left on my nails. In addition, the “Red, White, & Hue” polish is made with a pink tinted clear polish so when I placed it over my white nail polish it dulled down the color. My nails also took forever to dry, I woke up this morning with impressions on my nails and this was after my nails had ample hours of dry time. So with all of this I was not a huge fan of this week’s mani. I was pleasantly surprised however with the Hard as Nails nail polish because of the value – it was great for the $3 price tag.  

The Look
Despite the pink tint of the Color Frenzy polish my nails still came out pretty white…


Thursday, August 28, 2014


The Brand
An icepack….in the shape of a bowl? That’s what The Coolit is. Carrie and Matt grew tired of always having to blow on their daughter’s food to cool it down. They grew tired of constant stress that was associated with family meal times. Until one night Carrie had an idea, “What if there was an icepack in the shape of a bowl that could quickly cool down food?” She mentioned the idea to her husband Matt that evening and The Coolit was born.

The Products
The Coolit is a bowl that you keep in your freezer until mealtime when you can take it out and place your child’s hot food in it and it will cool to just the right temperature in under one minute. It’s great for all hot food types, is top rack dishwasher safe, and it fits easily in any freezer.

The Reason
The main reason this is my Monthly Mommy Must-Have this month is because it really does work. Sometimes for lunch I give my kids hot dogs or chicken nuggets with the easy mac cup of macaroni. I mean these things only take three minutes to cook in the microwave but it seemed like after I pulled it out of the microwave I had to leave it in the freezer for about 10 minutes just so it could cool down enough to serve to my children. Needless to say, I was eager to see if The Coolit would make a difference and it definitely did. I simply poured their macaroni into The Coolit (images below), stirred it around a few times and it was ready to serve. So much better than blowing the food, my kids burning their mouths or having to leave the food in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool. Here are some pics of how easy it is to use (keep in mind that my freezer is on the fritz and my Coolit came out covered in ice but you get the point). The Coolit is available for $10 at  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Books [CHECK!] Clothes [CHECK!] Cool gadgets to set you apart from everyone else [CHECK!]. So you’ve got everything you need for Back to School but don’t forget to update your beauty routine to head back  with a fresh face. Here are my top picks for heading back to school smelling awesome with glowing skin and gorgeous hair.

     1.      Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, $6 (

     2.      The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Lemon, $14 (

     3.      Tie Dye Boho Wrap, $9 (

     4.      Wet Brush Squirt, $7 (

     5.      INNI Customizable Nail Wraps, $10 (

     6.      Remington S5500 Anti-Static Digital Ceramic 1” Flat Iron, $15 (

     7.      CHI 44 Iron Guard & Stay Firm Hold, $16 (

     8.      Shea Moisture Lipstick Crayon, $11 (

     9.      Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Lip Balm, $4 (

    10. Layrite Original Pomade, $15 (

    11. GlaMER Natural Lip Scrub, $10 (

    12. sugar 6pc Stackable Makeup Wand, $12 (

    13. Bodycology enchanted forest, $8 (

And there is one product you definitely want to incorporate into your back to school beauty routine and that’s the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. To see the look I achieved with this foundation click here

Here’s to a successful & flawless school year!